Sunday, June 08, 2008


There is definitely a lot more to my recovery than I have written here. There has been plenty of discovery and embarrassment. Some of my earlier writing confesses a hint of schizotypal thinking. It took a terrible bout of nihilism to get everything out of my system and come to terms with myself and everything. I have not begun to write my thoughts and experiences from this, but this is not the proper forum for them. I am long finished using an exmormon platform to express my ideas.

I'm closing off many posts that are a bit "out there", too personal, or that are potentially incriminating. I may edit and reopen some, but probably few.

And in case you're wondering where I stand now. I celebrate, praise, and revel in the progress of science, free thought, and of mankind's graduation from religion. In short, I am Atheist.

Signing off,

Keepin' it real

And I almost forgot. Thanks to everyone in the exmormon community, especially you bloggers.